Mastering the Art of Closing Your Online Wellness Class

Closing an online wellness class effectively is as crucial as opening it. This moment can significantly impact your students' overall experience and their decision to return. Here are refined strategies for a smooth and impactful class closure, along with common pitfalls to avoid.

Understanding the Significance

A well-executed class closure does two things: it solidifies the students' learning experience and fosters a sense of community. Your goal is to leave students feeling accomplished, connected, and looking forward to more. Remember, building a community of loyal attendees is more than just teaching; it's about creating a positive, lasting impression.

How to Conclude Your Class

As your session wraps up, choose a closing method that reflects the tone of your class and your personal teaching style. Here are two polished examples:

Option 1: Gratitude and Forward Looking

"Thank you all for your dedication and energy today. Our session has now concluded, but the journey continues. I hope you've found value and joy in our practice together. I look forward to welcoming you again next week. Until then, take care and continue your practice."

->Can be followed by a waving hand gesture goodbye that signals to all that the class is finished and the session is about to be closed.

Option 2: Open Invitation for Interaction

"Thank you for joining today's session. It’s the end of today’s class, but I'll remain online for an additional 10 minutes for any questions you might wish to ask. Feel free to leave at your convenience, and I hope to see you again in our next class. Your presence and participation are greatly appreciated."

Then take a moment’s silence so people who want to leave can do so, without feeling they are being rude. Then wait for the remaining people to ask questions. If no one asks questions, you can gently close the session e.g.

“No questions, that’s ok. We will close the session and look forward to seeing you all next week”

What to Avoid in Your Closing Remarks

To maintain professionalism and respect for your students' time and experience, here are some behaviors to steer clear of at the close of your session:

Avoid Soliciting Feedback or Validation: The end of a class is not the time to seek assurances about your teaching or the session's quality. Keep it positive and place your focus on the students and their experience.

Refrain from Making Excuses: Apologizing for technical issues or perceived shortcomings during the class can undermine your authority and the students' confidence in you. Project confidence and ownership instead.

Ensuring a Positive Departure

Your aim is to ensure that students leave feeling better than they arrived, with a positive image of you and the Rare Turtle community. Confidence, professionalism, and a focus on the students' well-being should guide your closing remarks.

By adopting these refined closing techniques, you'll enhance your students' experiences, encourage their continued engagement, and contribute to the nurturing of a vibrant, loyal community around your classes.