With my Qigong journey, I've transitioned from a curious learner to an aspiring teacher, embracing the flow of Qi with open arms and a committed heart. My background as a pharmacist has always oriented me towards health and wellness, but discovering Qigong opened new pathways to understanding the harmony between body and spirit.


Starting as a healing journey, my Qigong experience has grown into a vital part of my daily life, blending seamlessly with routine activities and enhancing my overall well-being. It has taught me the balance between body and spirit, making it not just an exercise, but a lifestyle.


Hi, I’m Kseny and I’m a Qigong trainer and holistic living enthusiast. I’m happy to have discovered Qigong at an early age as Qigong has been an amazing addition to my life, for both physical and mental well-being.


Hello, I'm Jan, a dedicated Qigong teacher with a journey deeply rooted in the exploration of energy and wellness. Always amazed on how Qigong facilitates the energy to flow within our bodies instilling a serene yet energized state of being.