With my Qigong journey, I've transitioned from a curious learner to an aspiring teacher, embracing the flow of Qi with open arms and a committed heart. My background as a pharmacist has always oriented me towards health and wellness, but discovering Qigong opened new pathways to understanding the harmony between body and spirit.

Before my Qigong training, I appreciated the concept of energy flow within the body but lacked a deep, practical understanding of how to nurture and harness it. The training was a real experience, teaching me the importance of regular practice, breathing, and the balance of stretching and relaxation to enhance flexibility and strength. More importantly, it underscored the significance of Qigong as a tool for maintaining health as we age, showcasing how accessible and effective this practice can be for everyone, irrespective of age or physical condition.

Throughout my training, I experienced personal growth that reshaped my perspective on wellness. I learned to accept myself more, including my presence on video, which initially felt like a challenge. The positive feedback I received boosted my confidence, solidifying my desire to share Qigong with others. It's become clear to me that Qigong isn't just about physical exercise; it's a pathway to a balanced, healthier lifestyle that aligns with my lifelong mission to support others in their health journeys.

Motivated to deepen my understanding and skills in Qigong, I now look forward to teaching more. My motivation stems from a sincere belief in Qigong's benefits—not just as a form of physical exercise but as a holistic practice that enhances mental and physical well-being. I envision myself teaching a diverse group of students, focusing on those in middle age and beyond, to help them discover the same sense of balance and vitality that I've found.

I aim to teach small, intimate groups, possibly even one-on-one sessions, to share my practice of Qigong. Long-term, I see myself expanding these teachings, reaching more people, and fostering a community of practitioners who support and uplift each other in their wellness journeys.

Join me on this beautiful journey of discovery, health, and wellness through Qigong. Together, we can navigate the path to a more balanced and harmonious life.