Starting as a healing journey, my Qigong experience has grown into a vital part of my daily life, blending seamlessly with routine activities and enhancing my overall well-being. It has taught me the balance between body and spirit, making it not just an exercise, but a lifestyle.

Qigong has been a transformative force in my life, empowering me to take an active role in my own well-being. This empowerment has led to healthier lifestyle choices, such as choosing Qigong over a glass of wine to unwind. The confidence I've gained, particularly in teaching Qigong, is a testament to the nurturing and enriching environment of my training.

My training has provided me with invaluable skills and insights, such as the foundational principles of Qigong: listening to the body, doing no harm, and embracing simplicity which have become core to my practice and teaching philosophy.

Inspired by my own healing journey from long Covid through Qigong, I'm now driven to share this gentle yet powerful practice with others. There's a unique opportunity in my community, where wellness practices are dominated by yoga and Pilates. My experiences with health challenges enable me to connect with and inspire others, particularly those navigating their health journeys.

My teaching focuses on women aged 40 to 70, a group I feel especially drawn to. My classes offer an accessible environment for those seeking health maintenance through gentle practices. I aim to be a supportive guide, encouraging my students to listen to their bodies and seek professional health advice when necessary.

My journey with Qigong has been one of healing, learning, and now sharing—each step driven by a belief in the transformative power of Qigong to improve lives.