Hello, I'm Jan, a dedicated Qigong teacher with a journey deeply rooted in the exploration of energy and wellness. Always amazed on how Qigong facilitates the energy to flow within our bodies instilling a serene yet energized state of being. My perspective on health and wellness is deeply influenced by the belief that our behaviors significantly impact our physical and mental well-being.

Teaching Qigong represents a personal evolution for me—a journey from theoretical interest to a deeply felt call to share this practice. My training has not only equipped me with the technical skills to execute Qigong forms accurately but also instilled in me the confidence to lead others. It has taught me the importance of letting the body's intelligence guide the movements, staying grounded in the present, and understanding the energetic pathways within us.

My motivation to teach stems from a desire to help people realize their energetic potential. I aim to create a learning environment that transcends age, catering to all who are open to exploring their energy and its impact on health and well-being.

In the short term, I look forward to teaching Qigong alongside my role as an HR professional. My long-term vision includes expanding my teaching to more classes, possibly on an individual level, and embracing the opportunity to guide others through their Qigong journey in both English and Dutch, online and in-person.

I envision teaching a diverse group of individuals, helping them discover the joy and wellness that Qigong brings. More than just physical workouts, my classes are invitations to connect deeply with one's energy, fostering mental balance, physical health, and an enriched, energized life.